Save Lizard Rock

Submitted by jrobens on Thu, 16 Mar 2023 - 16:38

Janine Kitson Independent for Davidson Pledges, as your representative to: 

  1. table the Envirolink petition to save Lizard Rock in the next term of NSW Parliament, and read out its contents in full.

  2. make a speech in NSW Parliament speaking strongly in favour of the contents of the petition, when the petition is tabled

  3. work hard* during the next term of Parliament to try and progress the goals of the petition.

* I am working hard before the NSW Election to progress the goals of the petition by:

  • visiting the bushland affected by the proposed development in the Belrose and Wakehurst electorates
  • being briefed by concerned residents about the proposed development at Ralston   Avenue, Belrose
  • collecting signatures for the Save Lizard Rock Petition
  • publicly declaring my support to protect 220ha of local bushland from development, including 71 ha at Lizard Rock in media releases and other materials 
  • informing voters about the bushland under threat in the Davidson electorate (especially on the Pacific Highway/Mona Vale Road side of Davidson)
  • promoting the 'Rock for Lizard Rock' concert on Sunday 12 March, 2023
  • making a commitment to attend the 'Rock for Lizard Rock' concert on Sunday 12 March, 2023
  • familiarizing myself with the NSW Government's Independent Planning Commission Request to rezone land at the western end of Ralston Avenue, Belrose, 22 Jan, 2019 that recommends "the Planning Proposal presents an unreasonable risk to human life and property and should not proceed".

Janine Kitson

Independent for Davidson