A Safe Climate must be the top Federal Priority

Janine Kitson with banner courtesy of Tony McGrath

Over 80 North Shore residents stood behind the banner - ‘Bradfield Can Do Better’ - after viewing the documentary ‘The Weather Diaries’ at Roseville Cinema on 5 May, 2021.  

Following the sceening of this award winning documentary, Bradfield climate and biodiversity experts spoke on why a safe climate must be top Federal priority.

Ian Dunlop, Director of Breakthrough, the National Centre for Climate Restoration and former Chair of the Australian Coal Association said “MPs need to have honest discussions with their electorates because climate change is now an immediate existential threat to our security.”

He emphasised that “action on climate change must be the Federal Governments number one priority”.

Janine Kitson, former Ku-ring-gai Councillor, National Trust Director and environmental campaigner said, “We have the expertise, talent and ingenuity in the Bradfield electorate to demand whole-of-government solutions to tackle the crisis of climate breakdown".

Filmmaker Kathy Drayton felt strongly encouraged by the audience's responses to her film. 

It really made a difference to me to see how people deeply connect to my documentary - something that I spent six years with my family making".

“This sustains my hope that, even at this late moment, we can build a better future”.   

“Nature is dangerously out of balance”, reinforced Nancy Pallin, Chair, Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society, and added "climate change and biodiversity extinction are one of the same crisis”.

Janine Kitson concluded the evening by saying, "I am so proud to launch my campaign, as an Independent for Bradfield, standing alongside such courageous and committed community leaders.  They have told us what we must do - act now - and I am determined to do just that".