The night they sat down in order to stand up

Couch from the 70s

In a mid-1970s Turramurra lounge room, Walter and Corin Bass asked neighbours if they were willing to stand up for the ABC?

Corin fondly remembers how invitees Faith and Hans Bandler eagerly agreed to do so and signed up as foundational members of Friends of the ABC. No one forsaw how strong this movement would become.

“Forty-five years on, we want to salute Bradfield's importance for ABC Friends,” said Margaret Reynolds, ABC Friends National President.

"It is doubly memorable for me because in 1983, as a newly elected Senator, I visited Faith and Hans Bandler in their Turramurra home.  I had the privilege of working with Faith Bandler during the 1967 referendum conference,” Margaret Reynolds added.

Janine Kitson said "As the Independent candidate for Bradfield I am proud to highlight Bradfield as the birthplace of the ABC Friends movement."

"The ABC must be a key election issue, not just for the Bradfield electorate but for every electorate across the nation," concluded Janine Kitson.



Zoom Event: Bradfield Can Do Better for the ABC

Date: 22 July, 2021 6-7pm

Guest Speaker: Margaret Reynolds, National President, ABC Friends