The arts sector has been hit especially hard by COVID. 

  • In the 2022-23 the Morrison government provided a minimal $20 million dollars to support the Arts while ending to COVID relief. Most of this money went to the large professional arts companies  – not to support small community/regional galleries/companies /theatres or individual performers who were unable to work. [‘The Conversation’, March 31, 2022]
  • This was because the Morrison government believed that this support for the Arts would stimulate the economy – not because they wanted to support artists and performers! Their attitude now is ‘we supported the Arts through CoVid now they can stand on their own feet’.
  • In fact, in the recent Morrison/Frydenberg budget, ‘the arts and culture appear to be the big losers’ [ The Conversation, March, 2022].
  • Comparing funding in 2021-22 Budget with the 2022-23 Budget:
  • ‘Film and Television’ a loss of $45 million;
  • ‘Australian Music ‘ – no funding after 2024!;
  • ‘Regional Arts’ -  [support for community/regional/remote] - a loss of $10.5 million;
  • ‘Screen Australia’ – nearly $28 million loss by 2023-24;

[Portfolio Budget Statements 2022-23 Budget Related Paper No. !.10]

  • During CoVid the biggest investment by the Morrison government in the Arts was $20 million to support 541 projects through the RISE fund [Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand] BUT decisions on who received money WERE NOT made by the independent Australia Council: IT WAS THE MINISTER OF THE ARTS WHO MADE THE FINAL DECISION: much of the funding went NOT to ‘not for profit’ community organisations and individual artists but to profit-making commercial activity.
Janine Kitson in conversation on 'The Arts and the Australian Economy'
The Arts illuminate, reflect and critique the cultures and soul of Australia. Without strong Arts - visual, literary, performing - we are in danger of losing our soul!
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The Arts are in crisis. Janine Kitson is the only Bradfield politician that cares enough to turn up.