What will Janine Kitson do for the ABC?

Janine would seek expert advice to prepare an 'ABC Guaranteed Funding Bill' to ensure secure funding for the ABC into the future.  

Why is the ABC so important to Bradfield?

  1. Bradfield's current MP (Mr Paul Fletcher) is also the Minister for Communications and has the responsibility to ensure the ABC is strong, well funded and independent into the future; 
  2. Bradfield's residents value, trust and treasure the ABC;
  3. Bradfield is where the Friends of the ABC movement began in 1976.  
Why we need a strong and independent ABC
The ABC is integral to our democracy
Margaret Reynolds, National President of the ABC Friends, discusses how Bradfield  must make the ABC a key issue at the upcoming Federal election. 
Janine Kitson ABC banner
Janine Kitson supporting the ABC
Janine Kitson is a long term supporter of the ABC

Bradfield can do better for our ABC 

Since 2014 Australia’s national broadcaster has been systematically dismantled through budget starvation, mass sackings, and cuts to its programs and services. 

  • Overall the cumulative budget cuts to the ABC from 2014 is estimated to be $1 billion by 2024.  
  • The ABC has also endured police raids, intense political pressure, legal battles and threats to its independence.   
  • There are real fears that if the Liberal Party is re-elected at the next Federal election, they will privatise the ABC as per its 2018 Liberal Party national conference resolution.  

Bradfield can do better for the ABC.

The Federal government has a responsibility to ensure Australia’s national broadcaster is strong, well-funded and independent.

The ABC is a pillar of Australian democracy.  The ABC holds all governments to account and ensure integrity in politics.  It has a duty to inform the Australian public on what they need to know to fulfil their democratic rights.  This is more important than ever at a time of national and global climate and pandemic crisis - made worse by spin, misinformation and conspiracy theories.  

The Federal electorate of Bradfield has a responsibility to speak out against the incessant bullying of its national broadcaster.  They trust, value and love their ABC.  

Janine Kitson believes that Bradfield can do better for the ABC.

Who would we trust without our ABC?