Independent Voice for Davidson

Vote #1 Janine Kitson for better communities, climate action, integrity in politics and education.

Why Janine is standing for Davidson?

Why am I standing? 

To make a difference.  To protect the place I love - Davidson.

Davidson is a place of extraordinary beauty with its gardens, bushland suburbs and extraordinarily rich and rare urban environment with many rare and threatened species. 

Davidson's remnant Blue Gum High Forests, Sydney Turpentine and Ironbark Forests and Duffys Forest are threatened ecological communities and reflect Davidson’s acute environmental sensitivity. 

I am committed to overhauling the NSW Government's planning policies.  They have failed communities, not only in Davidson, but across NSW allowing irresponsible 'spot rezonings' that override local council planning powers and community wishes. 

As an experienced and highly professional woman, with a track record of serving the community, it is time for me to take the challenge to represent you in Parliament.  

Why NSW Liberal and Labor have failed Davidson

Davidson represents the green 'lungs of Sydney' keeping Sydney's air clean and cool. 

Its two Local Government areas - Ku-ring-gai and Northern Beaches represent outstanding places of environmental sensitivity. 

In a Ku-ring-gai Residential Strategy published in 2000 the Ku-ring-gai Local Government area was described as:

"Ku-ring-gai exhibits environmental splendour of such a scale that it is of national significance”.

Likewise Davidson's Northern Beaches Local Government area is a place of environmental sensitivity that borders on the Garigal National Park.

However both Local Government areas have been damaged by NSW Government's urban consolidation policies that have been promoted by both the Liberal Party and the Labor Party.  

Both Labor and Liberal have implemented planning laws that have removed power from local government and handed planning powers over to separate planning panels. 

These planning laws have been vehemently opposed by residents living in Davidson because so much is considered as being of national heritage significance.  Ku-ring-gai contains some of the best 20th Century architecture in Australia.  It also has critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest remnant forest and Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest. 

In 2005-06, Ku-ring-gai had the second highest reported total development value in the state - A$1.7 billion, more than Parramatta, second only to the City of Sydney.  

The NSW Government has failed Davidson with its high density apartment developments that have taken no account of its heritage and environmental significance.  This over-development was exposed as far back as 2008 when the ABC TV Stateline program aired "The Rape of Ku-ring-gai" (15 August, 2008).

Both NSW Liberal and Labor have failed Davidson's garden, bushland and forested suburbs. 

It is time Davidson had an Independent. 

Janine at North Turramurra PS on Federal Election Day, 21.5.22
Join me at a pre-polling booth

Saturday 18 March - Friday 24 March

Mon - Wed:          8:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday:             8:30am - 8:00pm
Friday:                  8:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday:              9:00am - 6:00pm

Vote for Independent Janine Kitson on 25 March
I'm here to raise the standard
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In May 2022 Janine was interviewed as a candidate in the Federal Election by Richard Bell on Northside Radio FM99.3

Janine Kitson stood as an Independent in the seat of Bradfield for the 2022 Federal Election.  Listen to Janine speaking at a Bradfield 'meet the candidates' forum in May 2022. 

Since the Federal Election in May 2022 Janine has continued working at a grassroots community level to put pressure on governments to implement urgent, strong and authentic action on the climate emergency.  She has led the way as a co-founder of the community group 'Electrifying Bradfield'.

  • Support a rapid transition to zero emissions
  • Collaborate with the NSW Government to reduce emissions
  • Support clean air and 'cleaning up' of local transport
  • Drive the rapid uptake of emissions reducing technologies, community friendly policies. Local access to smart industries and smart jobs.
  • A cleaner natural environment. Trees and green spaces actively clean the air.

Stop Overdevelopment:

  • Return planning powers back to democratically elected Local Government
  • Stop inappropriate, ad hoc development and rezoning that overrides local community interests
  • Protect local environment, heritage and neighbourhood amenity
  • We need a Royal Commission to clean up NSW planning

Australians expect the NSW Government to uphold the highest ethical standards.  Political parties and corporations have a responsibility to be transparent, honest and ethical.  MPs need to be held accountable for how they spend taxpayers' money. 

It is deeply disturbing that the NSW Government's $100m black summer bushfire recovery grants were diverted away from Labor electorates that needed the funds. 

Pork barrelling has to end. 

  • An independent voice for Davidson
  • Introduce a parliamentary inquiry into strengthening democracy in Local Government
  • Ensure that the NSW Government acts in the public interest NOT in the private, personal or political party interest
  • End NSW Governments secrecy and exclusion of press/public from critical public interest information
  • Strengthen ICAC by increasing resources
  •  Introduce a statutory 3 year cooling off period for ex-parliamentarians working in the mining, energy, property development, gambling and racing industries
Janine values the importance of NSW schools and TAFE